Today's Belton Chalet

The way it was - still is

The Great Northern Railway sold the Belton Chalet after World War II, and it passed through a series of owners over a 50 year period who operated the restaurant and bar sporadically. The buildings were modified to accommodate road improvements and changing uses over the years. The structures began to fall into disrepair and were becoming unsafe. During this period many of the structures built by Louis Hill in the Park were demolished because of lack of maintenance.

The record snowfall of 1997 caused great damage to the buildings, collapsing two roofs and buckling two floors. The spring of that following year, Yellow Bay residents Cas Still and Andy Baxter began their award-winning restoration of the Chalet, Lodge, and two Cottages. Three years later, the restoration by the Still-Baxter family had revived the original porches and verandas, stairways, colors, finishes, and gardens, as well as upgraded all electrical and plumbing. Though modern facilities have been B Loresco 1913 basement signatureadded to guest rooms, the buildings retain the Arts and Crafts ambience of the early 1900s. Original wainscoting, floors, furnishings and art give an accurate view of the property circa 1913, prompting the property to be honored by the National Trust for Historic Preservation and designation as a National Historic Landmark in 2000. The Belton Chalet stands as a living example for interpretation of the history of the railway and Glacier National Park.

Since the renaissance of the Belton Chalet in 1999, visitors have relished its rich history and appreciated the care with which it was restored. Today you'll find an authentic setting not otherwise found in West Glacier, reminiscent of what travelers saw nearly a century ago. Come be a part of history, where "the way it was - still is".

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