1. Belton Chalet sits just outside Glacier National Park, with Strawberry Mountain as its backdrop

  2. Belton Lodge on a snowy day

  3. The Belton Lodge dressed up for a private winter event

  4. The Clark Cottage with its winter coat

  5. Fresh green boughs welcome Glacier's winter visitors

  6. Winter cottage rentals are close to the Tap Room

  7. The Lewis cottage

  8. The Clark cottage

  9. The Lewis and Clark cottages have cozy living rooms with gas fireplace and writing desk

  10. Winter entertainment in the Tap Room

  11. The Tap Room is a cozy place to relax fireside with a Montana beverage and listen to local live music

  12. A crowd of locals packs the Tap room for a favored local performance by bluegrass band Rich and Rare

  13. An aerial view of Apgar mountain, the middle fork of the Flathead river and West Glacier in winter